Friday, 3 December 2010

A Devotee's experience of Sai Baba in Shirdi,Maharashtra.

Shirdi Sai Baba before Mahasamadhi lived in his physical form in Shirdi Village of Maharashtra; where poojas, rituals,and Chavadi Procession are done regularly .
Actually, Chavadi means a place for discussion to give justice, but this Chavadi of Shirdi became a place of residence of God Incarnation - Sai Baba.
Seeing this daily routine of Baba, from December 10, 1909, devotees started a tradition of taking a procession admist band and music from Dwarkamai to Chavadi. People used to clean lanes of Shirdi on the day on which Baba had to sleep in Chavadi. A mixture of cow dung, mud and water was sprinkled to prepare a uniform platform to draw rangoli. Torches were ignited on polls in lanes to enlighten Shirdi.
Once a family of husband and wife with their two children, a boy and a girl, both of them software professionals,went to Shirdi to have a 'darshan' of Baba and left by train from one of the cities of Tamil Nadu.
They reached Shirdi and took a big family room for stay and visited Samadhi mandir,and sat for few hours inside the sanctum sanctorum silently and came back to room to relax owing to the tiredness of having traveled.
Evening the family was talking inside the room and when the time was around 6 O' clock, both brother and sister went out to see around the places and to know the topography .Even before this visit they had been to Shirdi many a time since the family is a family of all sai devotees.
After some walking around , sister asked the brother to buy ice cream which he did and both were eating; by then 'Chavadi Procession' was approaching the 'Chavadi'; a palanquin was carried by the devotees and the 'padugas' of Baba were kept inside the palanquin as is the practice,sound of cymbals, beating of the drums,playing of other instruments,shouting of slogans in praise of Baba by the devotees and all fun and color befitting the occasion.
The sister was watching and brother standing behind her watching the procession; they were standing near the 'chavadi'; the slowly the sounds were vanishing from his audibility [brother's]and he was doubtful whether he had any problem in his hearing, since he could see the people opening the mouths and shouting,drums being beaten,cymbals and other instruments playing,and he felt afraid.Suddenly the scene he was witnessing was slowly vanishing from his eyes; he felt really terrified , something was happening to him.
When this kind not hearing and seeing happening to him, as though he was seeing a white paper in front of his eyes and everything vanished in a smoke before his eyes, he saw Baba emerging from Chavadi and walking fast to the palanquin !!!!!!!!!! ............ Baba was like a luminous flame but Baba image was there walking..........he felt dizzy and started losing his consciousness slowly and slumping down on the slushy muddy sidewalk of the road since that was a rainy day.His sister after seeing the procession turned around to see the brother , but he was not there and was shocked to see his lying down on the wet floor without consciousness.
Somehow she managed to bring the brother to the lodge and slumped down on the bed and started sleeping for hours together and was so dazed for consecutive two or three days and they stayed there in Shirdi all the days. But they knew that he was alright but could not explain what happened to him and not being able to talk coherently about what happened.
After the few days he explained in detail what happened to him and what he witnessed to his family and not others .
This is explained here without revealing the identities and the relationship of the boy and the family to the writer since people might think that this is written to impress upon readers.
But those who read this would certainly be blessed since this is a real one and truthful presentation.