Monday, 7 November 2011

Konerirajapuram / Near Kumabakonam of Tamil Nadu /India / Lord Nataraja Statue.

In the temple of Konerirajapuram there is a statue of Lord Nataraja, one of the trinity of Hindu Gods, whose statue is of five metals called Panchaloga in Hindu tradition , which is unique in the sense for the following reasons and the information we get while researching the topic.

As per the very own words of 'Appar' , one of the Tamil Saints who says, only who have poorva janma punya  ( benefits in the previous births only) will be able to visit this temple. This place is no less than the Kailasam itself. Here we see a 'suyambu nataraja of 8 feet with parvathi'. The temple was originally called thirunallam as the place got submerged into the grounds, Lady Sembiam Mahadevi (Grand mother of Raja Raja Cholan) renovated and established this as grand  stone temple. The legend says that while the King wanted to make out huge Nataraja Statue, despite all efforts of the sthapathi  (sculptor ), he could not make one beyond 3 feet; when the deadline date was given by king to do this job, the worried sthapathi prayed to Lord and Lord shiva and parvathi came in front in manushya roopa ( human forms)  and asked for little water; out of his frustration caused by the king, the sthapathi told them to drink the liquid he kept ready to make the natraraj statue (impon - pancha loka liquid) and then, Lord and parvathi drank the same and the very moment became a beautiful Nataraja & Parvathi statue of 8 feet. The King disbeliving it, tried his sword  on the staute and witnessed the bleeding; the same time, he got affected with Kushta roga (white patches ) ; Having done a mistake, he prayed to Lord and as per the celestial order, did poojas for the "Lord Vaidyanatha swami" the suyambu linga and got cured of his illness.

This is the only temple where one can see 'swayambu nataraja of impon statue' .... the marks of king's stroke, a mole and skin colour patch in one of the hands of Lord Nataraja and the GREAT smile on Lord Parvathi's face are just remarkable and no word can describe the real beauty of the same.

Besides in the arm pits of Lord Nataraja people witnessing the growth of dark hair depending on the waxing and waning of the moon , increases the growth and goes down respectively.
This temple had been constructed by the grand mother of King Rajaraja of Thanjavur.
The temple priest is quite interesting personality explaining in detail about the temple and history surrounding the temple.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Does IITs standard fall as said by Narayana Moorthy.

Few days we have seen the verbal dual between two people, one Chetan Bhagath, another one who made money Narayana Moorthy; first started on the standard of IITs by Naryana Moorthy, latter reply by Chetan saying , even the body shop Infosys made money by the hard work of IITians, no doubt , yes .. that only brought him now to the center stage of making comments on IITs which is the domain of academics to worry about, not Naryana Moorthy who knows what his body shop needs, where as the IITs produce not only for body shops but for various demands of the industry through out the world.
And to say the falling standards of IITs is childish not child like . These youngsters prove in every walk of life , not only in IT industry, and even NASA did not comment on the standards of IIT products, then what made this Infosys man to have made such comments, reason is simple when one's success goes to his head this happens despite the posture one maintains as though simple ; this kind of acting is nothing but the ego blurting out incognito despite the mask one puts on showing the world as though simple, my God how simpletons live and become role models.
When a graduate of English literature or Journalism comes out of the University , he is not coming out only to serve the BPO or talk to some foreigner over phone , by changing his or her name according to the convenience of customer overseas.
And if a BPO CEO says that University is not producing English litt students up to expectation of the industry is simply ludicrous, then what gives them the temerity to say that is the accolades and encomiums paid to them day and day out in various fora , that go into the them making them super human beings in their thinking, and so they feel they can comment on anything and will be digested and assimilated if given in a centralized AC halls.
Just imagine the same statement given in open ....... what would be the consequences.The media is to blame to certain extent for blowing anything out of proportion as though a Nobel Laureate made a statement on his own domain.
The same man made a statement on our National Anthem once when foreigners assembled in a venue........ and we know the consequences....... Now a days no one thinks and talks , just pour out as though intellectual wizards.
My God ..... humans are humans............ homo spaiens..........

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Reflections of the reflections of my Morning walk

I got up as usual morning 5.15 and started for my walk with the usual Gayathri,Thryambagam, etc on my lips and reached the place where many people come for morning walk, not very bright and Sun was about to come up , chill as usual at this time in Coimbatore, a blessing for Coimbatoreans.
Then four or five people , a group walked past me and I overheard their talk, one of them was telling to his other friends, ' He could not have become such a great personality without the grace of God and Goddess , though he is super brilliant since I knew him , both were batch mates in Chartered Accountancy and practicing simultaneously.... He was born in a small village , Urumandampalayam near Coimbatore and now All Indian President of the Chapter of Professionals....... my God though his personal development and dedication to his profession...... He has full grace of Goddess Saraswathy' And they passed me and went away ten feet ahead of me.
My mind started ruminating on the sentences they spoke and scanning my books and examples in my mind, like a super computer and memories flooding into the bowel of thoughts like a torrential rain and since I was walking more than an hour every day , I never stopped my thoughts since it is also a meditation like Osho says 'Meditation in a market place' and J.K says 'totality of becoming the observer and observed one....... and that happens which you may call that, power, God or any symbol your mind or some one taught you' ha ha ha, let me come the main core of my thinking.
Spiritual workings in human life....... this is what my mind was observing in my thoughts.
Osho in one of books, name of which I do not remember now, says ' the poet , this word in English does not match correctly the word 'Kavi' of Sanskrit and our sages who created Mahabharatha and Ramayana are not poets, they are Kavis, whose work can not be matched by some one who is a poet; for instance Arunagirinathar, the Tamil Saint, who with the blessings of Lord Muruga, sang the great work 'Thirupugazh' whose rhyme and metrics can't be matched by any other Tamil work, since spiritual working though Arunagirinathar.
We had a recent marriage in our home, my nephew marriage , when I happened to meet one Engineer and his wife , an ardent devotee of Shirdi Baba, who during the conversation mentioned one of the recent happenings in his life, though many such things happened to him in his life by the grace of Shirdi Sai.
He said ' recently as a routine to all the overseas countries, I was working on a project off shore in middle east before flying down to attend the marriage here... one technical aspect was not working out in the project despite being a leader of the team of more than 20 engineers, and I decided at last I would try with the same technique and formula, but different help .... I started chanting sairam, sairam while working and applied the same technique and lo and behold........ every thing became fine and going through...... all my colleagues asked me then.. sir what is that formula you were telling yourself and working simultaneously.. what to say my collegues....... formula is one and only one SAIRAM........' And he was laughing loudly in our visitors' hall and got a flight to pune to visit Shirdi with his wife.
My brother's brothers in law are maestros in their chosen fields whose names I am not using here..... but all are Parthy Sai devotees, one of them is a cardiac surgeon in one of the top hospitals in U.S and he used to come India every year and conduct surgeries in Puttaparthy Hospital for service.Swami calls him by his pet name and blessed him always , and he would not leave Puttaparthy unless Swami gives him permission to leave for U.S back. On one such occasions, he came down to India and discussing a complex cardiac operation with his fellow Docs and went in with his team and finished the surgery successfully...... after some time he took bath and went to see Swami........ Swami smiled at him and called him near.......Swami said ' what serious discussion [his name used by Swami] ha ha .. why worry when I do operation inside the theater...' Doc said ' Oh Swami, I realize '
Then Baba asked ' what happened your chain with dollar ?'
Doc touched his neck and found the chain was not there and worried a bit since that chain and Swami dollar was created by Swami and Swami personally put it around his neck, for Swami said ' Don't worry...... when you were in a hurry to see me you missed......' and Swami created a chain and gave it to him , Doc wore it around his neck, but Swami said' oh this is without dollar  ok give it ' and Doc removed from his neck and gave back to Baba , Baba created the chain again with Dollar with his figure and gave back which he still wears in U.S.
But once he had a cardiac problem which needed surgery and his colleagues took all the tests and said they would do the surgery , for he said he would go to Swami and have his darshan and come back to surgery. He came to Puttaparthy and had the darshan of swami and asked the permission of Swami to leave for U.S ,  he did not inform Swami what problem he had, neither Swami asked anything ........ when about to leave Swami touched him near chest and went inside.
Doc came back to U.S and took tests again since almost 10 days gone during his visit to India; My Swami the results show he was alright completely......... both the reports he keeps with himself....... his colleagues did not know what to say.        Spiritual working among us , another example.
To be continued..........

Friday, 2 September 2011

Sai Baba in my dream.......... a pleasant experience.

Early morning while sleeping I had a dream, Bhagwan Parthy Bala came and with another old man, but Baba looks like He was in His 50's and as usual Bright like Sun, effulgent and in pure white attire, I was standing among the crowd and felt happy to have been able to see a few feets away. He was looking around and looked at me signalled  me to come near... I obliged and went near to him and stood a few feet away, Swami said ' Come near ' in Telugu.
Asked me to sit down very near to Him , but I refused saying, Baba if I sit near you , those in the distance can not see your physical body, so I would sit from a distance.
Swami said ' No no Come near and sit near to me'
Then went near and sat beside his Chair on the floor.
Swami asked me how many languages I know , for I said few, but fluent in two languages ..... only English and Tamil.
Other few things also He was talking , but whole conversation with Swami was in Telugu.
Then he created Vibhuthi, and applied on my forehead and around my eyes and chin and blessed me.
When immediately I got up time was around morning 2.30 then washed my face and went to sleep before I got up around 5.30 to start for morning walk .
While walking I was thinking about this dream........... very plesant indeed this dream and unforgettable.
Sai Ram.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Morning walk of Independence Day

As usual I started for my walk early morning by around 5.30 A.M and the walking place is on the way to the nearest mountain and people were coming by that time to that road for walking , almost all known faces , both ladies and gents, porfessionals, owners etc., and that place we see all independent big bungalows or big houses, from where if we walk further towards the hill, I was informed by one retired teacher , sometimes wild elephants come and he warned me not to venture that area before 5 o clock morning since it was dark at that time and we could not make out if any wild elephant strayed into that area.
One retired teacher gentlemen brought out a stool on which he plaes flags and pins to fix on the shirts and good amount of choclates to be given to those walkers and passers by. I was greeted by this gentlemen and friends ' Happy Independece Day' and I also greeted them back , and he fixed a small flag on my shirt pocket and gave me choclates.
Ladies were given flags on their palms and reguested to fix either on their sarri or dhuppatta or sweater since my place already has become very cold, that too my area.
Total euphoria of Independence Day feeling among those who were walking or passing by in that area.
Thanks to that gentlemen whose name is Subramanyam Teacher.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Osho Story on Shirdi Sai Baba

osho Story on Shirdi Sai Baba

Osho - If you come to meet God, you must meet him without any words. If you have some words, he may not fit and suit your idea. Because if a Hindu thinks he has one thousand hands, and if God comes only with two hands, a Hindu, he will reject: "You are not a God at all. Only with two hands? God has a thousand hands. Show me your other hands. Only then I can believe you."

It happened: One of the most beautiful persons of this past century was Sai Baba of Shirdi. He had a friend and a follower. Sai Baba was a Mohammedan. Or no one knows whether he was a Mohammedan or a Hindu, but he lived in a mosque, so it was believed he was a Mohammedan. And a Hindu follower was there, who loved, respected, has much faith in Sai Baba. Every day he will come for his darshan, and without seeing him he will not go. Sometimes it will happen that for the whole day he will have to wait, but without seeing he will not go, and he will not take food unless he has seen Sai Baba.

Once it happened the whole day passed, there was much gathering and much crowd -- he couldn't enter. When everybody has gone, just in the night he touched the feet.

Sai Baba said to him, "Why you unnecessarily wait? There is no need to see me here, I can come there. And drop this from tomorrow. Now I will do. Before you take your food you will see me every day."

The disciple was very happy. So next day he was waiting and waiting; nothing happened. Many things happened really, but nothing happened according to his conception. By the evening he was very angry. He has not taken the food, and Sai Baba has not appeared so he went again. He said, "You promise and you don't fulfill?"

Sai Baba said, "But I appeared thrice, not even once. First time I came, I was a beggar and you said to me, 'Move away! Don't come here!' Second time I came I was an old woman, and you just won't look at me; you closed your eyes-because the disciple had the habit of not seeing women; he was practicing not seeing women, so he closed the eyes.

Sai Baba said, "I had come, but what do you expect? Should I enter your eyes, closed eyes? I was standing there, but you closed the eyes. The moment you saw me, you closed the eyes. Then third time I reached as a dog, and you won't allow me in. With a stick you were standing in the door."

And these three things had happened. And these things have been happening to whole humanity. The divine comes in many forms, but you have a prejudice; you have a pre-formulated conception; you cannot see. He must appear according to you, and he never appears according to you. And he will never appear according to you. You cannot be the rule for him and you cannot put any conditions.

When all imagination falls, only then truth appears. Otherwise, imagination goes on making conditions and truth cannot appear. Only in a naked mind, in a nude, empty mind, truth appears, because you cannot distort it.

Questioner: Are emotions rooted in thought?

  Krishnamurti: What are emotions? Emotions are sensations,
aren't they? You see a lovely car, or a beautiful house, a beautiful
woman or man, and the sensory perception awakens the senses.
Then what takes place? Contact, then desire, Now thought comes
in. Can you end there and not let thought come in and take over? I
see a beautiful house, the right proportions, with a lovely lawn, a
nice garden: all the senses are responding because there is great
beauty - it is well kept, orderly, tidy. Why can't you stop there and
not let thought come in and say, "I must have" and all the rest of it?
Then you will see emotions, or sensations, are natural, healthy,
normal. But when thought takes over, then all the mischief begins.
     So to find out for oneself whether it is possible to look at
something with all the senses and end there and not proceed further
- do it! That requires an extraordinary sense of awareness in which
there is no control; no control, therefore no conflict. Just to observe
totally that which is, and all the senses respond and end there.
There is great beauty in that. For after all what is beauty?

Is beauty in the world of reality? Or is it not within the movement
of thought as time? Please follow this carefully because we are
investigating together. I am not laying down the law. I am just
asking myself: does beauty lie within the movement of thought as
time? That is, within the field of reality. There are beautiful
paintings, statues, sculpture, marvellous cathedrals, wonderful
temples. If you have been to India, some of those ancient temples
are really quite extraordinary: they have no time, there has been no
entity as a human being who put them together. And those
marvellous old sculptures from the Egyptians, from the Greeks,
down to the Moderns. That is, is it expression and creation? Does
creation need expression? I am not saying it does, or does not, I am
asking, enquiring. Is beauty, which is both expression outwardly
and the sense of inward feeling of extraordinary elation, that which
comes when there is complete cessation of the "me", with all its
     To enquire what is beauty, we have to go into the question of
what is creation. What is the mind that is creative? Can the mind
that is fragmented, however capable, whatever its gifts, talent, is
such a mind creative? If I live a fragmented life, pursuing my
cravings, my selfishness, my self-centred ambitions, pursuits, my
pain, my struggle - is such a mind (I am asking) creative? - though
it has produced marvellous music, marvellous literature,
architecture and poetry - English and other literature is filled with it.
 A mind that is not whole, can that be creative? Or is creation
only possible when there is total wholeness and therefore no
fragmentation? A mind that is fragmented is not a beautiful mind,
and therefore it is not creative.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Arvind Adiga / Writer /Journalist / Novelist

Arvind Adiga - who won ' Man Booker Prize ' in 2008 for his novel 'White Tiger ' now again with a  bang came out with his novel ' Last man in Tower ' , plot of which revolves around Mumbai city , which has been a fascination for the Author in his life for its varied hues and happenings.

Adiga, whose mother wanted him to be an academic in Chennai, studied English literature, in New York,Oxford,and admitted for Ph.D in Princeton, had to part ways to become a journalist, writing for Times then changed course to become a Novelist , who feels writing is his Karma.

He stated in one of his interviews that ' The Guide ' by R.K.Narayan is still the great Indian Novel in English by Indian writer and says R.K.Narayan's writing is lucid and profound.

He further says, Ramachandra Guha about whom already I published in my blog ,is the one who writes good prose feels happy about him .

When I first bought White Tiger and having read it by one sweep I could not find any significance of why it has been a prize, but subsequently while ruminating on the book , I could feel and find the answer why .