Monday, 30 December 2013


MY dad Late.D.B.Reddy who had been a Hockey Player and Food Ball University captain in Kerala University when he was studying in Victoria College, Palghat , and University Athletic Champion, also served in Southern Railways , joined in Imperial Railways during British days, and my Grand Dad also served in Railways, and retired in the year 1976 . He was a very truthful and straight forward man with integrity, and owing to that nature he did forego many promotions and victimized , for he said we could sacrifice anything in life for the truthfulness and not being corrupt, for even i was not selected in Railways by Service commission Secretary who in turn fired verbally by my Dad when he was working as an officer, which he reflected by not allowing me to join in the Railways. But my dad told me before attending the interview after passing the written examination, that when he opened your application and saw my name in it as your father you would not be selected since he had a strong lesson from my father for being corrupt. Some how he came to top by using his connections and he did what he did to me , otherwise I would have become one of the General Managers in the Indian Railways . Ha ha ha ha .

My dad said you would be a better competent man by going to private corporate sector which I followed and joined in The Spencers , chennai , then switched over to one Italian Company and latter to the company which was owned by Mr.Bachan's group , and my company's Chairman being Mr.Ajithabh Bhachan,( none other than the younger brother of Sri.Amitabhji, and I diverted into my own business later.
Well, tomorrow Dec' 31 is the day my Dad passed away in the year 1981.
Good man, I am fortunate enough to have been born as his son and my Mom's name is Late.Mrs.Muthulakshmi, very much devoted to religion and one of Baba's devotees with whom I visited Puttaparthy also .
Once my dad said ' you need not go to job at all, if I have been corrupt and disloyal to my job, but you would be very proud of me when years rolled by and you become of my age.Every drop of your blood is pure without a single paisa of corruption. That is the greatest property one's father could earn for his next generation.'
Very pleasing to watch him talk and converse in English though he knew many languages with his British accent and used to narrate his English Professors and Shakespearean Society and used to mention one of my grand dad's cousins who was the first batch of Madras Medical College and later served to The Highness of Travancore. Swami Chinmayananda was his senior who later went to Banaras Hindu University to do his M.A., and B.L. I heard my father saying former CM of Karnataka Sri.Ramakrishna Hegde was the class mate of Swami Chinmayananda in Banaras Hindu University.

well Dec 31 is the day My Dad passed away in the year 1981.