Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mulayam Singh Yadav's audacity

 Mulayam Singh Yadav suggested on Tuesday that Parliament would be full of the sort of women who attract catcalls and whistles if the Women’s Reservation Bil was passed.
By the kind of statement he made he put his foot in his mouth , one derivative explanation being the kind of respect he has for the Indian womanhood and the way he looks at women despite his being a leader [?] and second his opinion about the male counterparts in Parliament irrespective of the party one belongs to .
Should we, as Indians , allow this sort of leaders to decide the future course of Democracy in this great country despite all the irregularities , nepotism, corruption etc ?
Where are we leading to with this kind of leaders, who even either pass or amend our laws and our future in this country?
Do they need the kind of limelight they get in the media of our times, if so we have to doubt the integrity of the media , and no big media worth its name questioned the wisdom [sic] behind such statement made in so a callous and unparliamentary language befitting a rustic who does not give a damn to the niceties of human existence on this earth. Except some news papers no one seems to take on the audacity of such statement made in the august house of Parliament, although some opposition parties did their duty in condemning the same.
My anguish is, the whole of parliament may  unanimously condemn and pass a resolution throwing him out at least as a suspension from parliament for some time, showing the esteem of womanhood our country boasts of , from time immemorial .
Do you share my anguish and heart burn on this issue?

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tamil Nadu police / A friend or foe

While browsing through the Blogs, I have come across a blog of a young software Engineer working in Bangalore in one of the reputed and big companies , who had an exposure in many countries and whenever any help needed , he asked for it to the Police personnel abroad and he is still happy about the way he had been helped abroad.
Recently when he traveled from Bangalore to Coimbatore by changing the buses , he reached Erode by midnight and since he was carrying one bag containing his two sets of dresses and his laptop , he wanted to visit the toilet and it was impossible to carry two bags and go into the toilet despite being smelly and dirty our public toilets. So he happened to see a police room attached to the bus stand where two policemen sitting and chatting, he went to them requesting them , after showing his company identification with his photo [ very big company ] to at least keep his laptop for few minutes and said he would carry his shoulder bad to the toilet. 
The two policemen after seeing the id, looked him up and down and with scant respect said ,' no, we are on duty'
Again he requested, asking them that he is going to the toilet , pointing which toilet he is going to use and that is visible to them from where the police room is.
After being refused totally, he carried both to the toilet and placed before the person collecting money for using the toilet , and went inside ; after few minutes he came out and fortunately both luggage and laptop were there, but the old man in charge was sleeping snoring.
He carried the bag and laptop, thanking the God.
While boarding the Coimbatore bus starting from Erode , he looked at the police post where both were talking , laughing and sipping tea.
He came back to India with a patriotic spirit.Still carrying the spirit despite these happenings all around him.
We see placards with words 'Police is your friend'
Good example of being so callous ,conceited and helpless to public is the police department,though some officers try their best to rectify the image.I empathize with such officers.
Really God only saving the country.
Should well educated turn their back to this country or at least any one changes himself?
What kind of training these men in Khakhi is imparted towards the public ? Or competition for joining is only for making money by all means ?
I felt so ashamed to read that article as a true Indian.
Is anyone listening?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cho Ramasamy and his reservation on Women's Reservation Bill

Last night , 8th of March, Cho Ramasamy had been asked by the TV channel Times Now, with regard to his opinion about the Women's Reservation Bill in Parliament , for he answered that if allowed to pass , only nepotism will follow in allotting the seats for the women, it would be either the daughter, wife, daughter in law,so on so on.

Now question remains before us very seriously , what is happening in Men contesting the seats; does not the same party allowing the family members in various places and even make them Ministers. So nepotism as a word used for blocking the bill is irrelevant and any move in a democracy like India will not be tolerated by the feudal mindset of people who soaked in the past and think as if their's is the only perspective which is always correct.

Come what may , we can always alter like the Law is amended, mended and sometimes ended; this bill should be passed. If we go back to history , first even Indians were discriminated, on the basis of caste, community,religion etc; females even did not have the right of franchise. Even today despite the tall talk on the constitutional equality, Dalits are not independently working without being dominated by other communities of the region.

This is not a caste debate, and India is not going to die with individuals who pass judgement on this bill; any move in good cause will be opposed, and hurdles created , but ultimately this gender bias should end.So this is a great move in parliament which should be passed , otherwise future generation will spit on the faces of those who oppose right now owing to various reasons.

That too the behavior of present parliamentarians shouting and interrupting the proceeding with vocal and muscle power is so disgusting , instead of using the brain power, all the ignoramuses , to put up a show go near the podium of the Speaker and continue the shouting wasting every paisa of the hard earned money of every Indian.

Former Speaker Mr.Somnath Chatterjee, is an example of how a responsible man felt so deeply in his heart about the behavior of the present day parliamentarians.

First allow the bill to be passed, people are watching, more intelligent people than parliamentarians and intellects watching what is happening in Parliament. The Mulayam and Lalu are not India.Besides these two are more brawny than brainy is the fact of History.

Cho Ramasamy is encased in an orthodox cocoon, no longer relevant to the present generation and neither he is a Bhismacharya on everything and anything. His gender bias is well know if one follows his track record.

May God help this Bill to be passed, and let us see what changes needed when the process runs on its own.

Another argument against rotation system of the Bill is , if so , the present parliamentarian , that is male, shall not develop the welfare measures or will not concentrate on the developmental activity of the constituency which elected him-- this is not a Zamindari system where as if traditionally some one will take care of his area.If at all parties interested to retain the constituency , let them develop or that seat will be grabbed by the opposition which is interested in that area. So development or nurturing the constituency argument is based on selfishness, may be known more to politicians rather than the common man.

Common man needs betterment in all spheres regardless of who , whether he or she is the representative.Why first of all everyone shouts from roof tops before a move is made.Are we not a democracy , where gender equality is of prime concern for everyone.When it comes to your own daughter and wife, you use a different yardstick, if a woman is some other, another yardstick. Why so?