Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tamil Nadu police / A friend or foe

While browsing through the Blogs, I have come across a blog of a young software Engineer working in Bangalore in one of the reputed and big companies , who had an exposure in many countries and whenever any help needed , he asked for it to the Police personnel abroad and he is still happy about the way he had been helped abroad.
Recently when he traveled from Bangalore to Coimbatore by changing the buses , he reached Erode by midnight and since he was carrying one bag containing his two sets of dresses and his laptop , he wanted to visit the toilet and it was impossible to carry two bags and go into the toilet despite being smelly and dirty our public toilets. So he happened to see a police room attached to the bus stand where two policemen sitting and chatting, he went to them requesting them , after showing his company identification with his photo [ very big company ] to at least keep his laptop for few minutes and said he would carry his shoulder bad to the toilet. 
The two policemen after seeing the id, looked him up and down and with scant respect said ,' no, we are on duty'
Again he requested, asking them that he is going to the toilet , pointing which toilet he is going to use and that is visible to them from where the police room is.
After being refused totally, he carried both to the toilet and placed before the person collecting money for using the toilet , and went inside ; after few minutes he came out and fortunately both luggage and laptop were there, but the old man in charge was sleeping snoring.
He carried the bag and laptop, thanking the God.
While boarding the Coimbatore bus starting from Erode , he looked at the police post where both were talking , laughing and sipping tea.
He came back to India with a patriotic spirit.Still carrying the spirit despite these happenings all around him.
We see placards with words 'Police is your friend'
Good example of being so callous ,conceited and helpless to public is the police department,though some officers try their best to rectify the image.I empathize with such officers.
Really God only saving the country.
Should well educated turn their back to this country or at least any one changes himself?
What kind of training these men in Khakhi is imparted towards the public ? Or competition for joining is only for making money by all means ?
I felt so ashamed to read that article as a true Indian.
Is anyone listening?

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