Friday, 19 November 2010

My visit to Puttaparthy and Sai Temple in Jayanagar,Bangalore.

On 3rd October morning my sister,brother in law,nephew who works in Bangalore as a software engineer started for Puttaparthy to have a Darshan of Sai Baba and as the road was a six track which leads to Hydrabad the travel in our car was a pleasure and the car's speed was touching 140 K.M when I casually looked at the meter and my nephew at the wheels and the Bhajan CD was playing in the car.
As we had only tea while leaving Bangalore on the way he stopped near a Kamath Motel after an hour of journey and many of the travelers were dining in their white dress, a symbol of Sai Devotees usually. The crowd was heavy and took us around 40 minutes to finish our morning breakfast and tea and resumed our journey.
At the ahram gate the Car was not allowed inside , thanks to the security alert which we come across everywhere in the temple towns , and we stopped our car and inquired for stay and understood no space to stay , all booked already and people were swarming like flies all over.
Some how we thought of staying outside in some lodgings and went inside to meet one of our friends employed in the service of the Ashram- but informed us since students were waiting in the hall being a holiday Swami was going to come again to give Darshan for morning, so we rushed and my sister ,  nephew and brother in law were able to go inside the hall and I standing outside atop on some step near a building and seen the Swami moving around the devotees and blessing all and the Bhajan reached a crescendo of euphoric heights
Over the past two decades concrete jungles have sprung up inside the Ashram occupying every available space owing to the space constraint and spoiling the ambiance of the serene atmosphere.Language and communication have become a hassle inside the ashram, lot of North Indians knowing only Hindi swarming everywhere inside the dining hall and reception,entrance....... whereas 20 years back we could see smiling faces with calmness seen everywhere helping people in multilingual culture.Why now this change, are they all employees of the ashram or in the name of service intruded inside for livelihood ....... I don't know.Inside the dining hall, only sound in high pitch compared to the past calmness and servicing smile.Where gone all these devotees?.
We went for lunch for tokens are given for Rs.6 each, but food is sub standard compared to ten years back, it is like just rich and colored watery thing called Sambar, Rasam, and butter milk--better they can collect more money and give better food since devotees come far off places.Children could not eat what being served. I think those who manage food could concentrate further in this regard.Although I ate all kinds of food in my life owing to my business and professional travel, this food was so sub standard for consumption, although I was hungry and very hot. When I entered into the car the A/ C was adjusted to full blast .

We came out after the darshan and decided to leave Puttparthy having seen the Swami although we went there to stay and reached back Bangalore by 4.30 evening.
Next day morning I rang up my friend who happened to tour around the world  always for his work and fortunate on that day he was available in Bangalore on 4th , and he was eager to see me , so we proceeded to meet him in Jaya Nagar , opposite to Central Mall and spent pleasant time and went for lunch some Restaurant , although we never concentrated on lunch despite being rich lunch, our talks were only on the happenings in the past and what were we doing etc., etc.,

Evening we went to Sai Temple in 9th Block of Jaya Nagar and what is unique here in this temple is the priest who conducts pooja does like one attending an elderly in our own home; the tamboolam [offering of betel leaves,betel nuts and other ingredients ] is like offering near the mouth of Shirdi Sai is like one giving to one old, respected elderly in our home.
We received Prasad, and others were distributing Cakes,sweets etc., and proceeded to Saravana Bhavan for our night dinner.
So pleasantly two days passed with our Puttaparthy and Shirdi Sai Temple and we stayed around ten days and proceeded back to our town Coimbatore.
Now I feel like visiting this temple again as if to meet my own grand father .
Somehow I used to visit this city often.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Electronic City of Bangalore

Since I visit often to the Electronic City of Bangalore and my nephew is a software professional who lives nearby ,normally I go for walking inside the Electronic City.That is a energizing experience both for mind and body while watching youths working there bubbling with energy, watching of the younger generations achieving while making money is something great to the mind when everyday in and out we see scams,unscrupulous politicians,corrupt judiciary,corrupt defense personnel and all.

Electronic city is pollution free since the Industries of pollution are not there, except four wheelers, two wheelers and occasionally Autos hired by employees.Buses which pass through are limited since only those who neither use the company buses, cars, or two wheelers travel in that.We have direct buses, air-conditioned from Electronic City to the Airport.
Those who would like to take the fly over from the Electronic City can get a ticket and go into the city
without any disturbance and can travel around 10 K.M straight  to the city.
My walking is usually around two hours daily inside the Electronic City....Watching HCL, Infosys, Wipro, Infotech etc.,
Marvelous experience indeed both to mind and body, seeing only positive things in life.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ananda Vikatan's [Tamil Weekly ] Magnanimity and Etiquette

Normally I don't read weeklies of Tamil, long back I stopped reading this kind of weeklies,and I don't think it is worth a try any longer; no longer interested to half clad actresses and actors and all reading all useless wastes flying high owing to high tech ads.
Recently I happen to read a piece in their magazine , Sakthi Vikatan, [ these kind of magazines my sister buys and reads still,although some good also she buys ] one article about Kanchi Acharya, the one who attained Mahasamadhi, and wanted to write a letter of appreciation to the author of that brief and sent an email to that magazine, requesting them to send the email of the writer of that article , meanwhile I also translated that piece into English and published.
I never got a reply , that too not for the address or anything of the author, but an email id to send a token of appreciation to him.What a man like me could influence or anything to gain from either the author or  from Ananda Vikatan. Besides, who wants to write for this tissue paper depicting good for nothing messages and write-up, in which no longer any great writers give anything to be published. Sheer ignoramuses and morons who think they deserve what they are.
How commercialized this mags who even block those who would like to send an appreciative letter.
Many an English Magazine and News Paper give the columnists' email id at the bottom of the article, thereby helping those readers who would like to send their opinions to the authors, then why the hell these Tamils block the readers to contact the writers.
Useless indeed reading this magazine whose stupendous heights reached by its ancestors have been lost by this magazine.
Those who would like to ogle at the actresses whose snaps are with little pieces of attire barely covering the vulnerable parts of anatomy can pursue reading them.
I think worst punishments Tamil get is reading this kind of magazines.
Oh how smart and intellects these guys who manage these weeklies.Pity the people who are forced by circumstances to read such 'finest' [?]magazines.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Why we need a Marketing man for Pharma Companies

What is happening in Pharma Industry, especially why a Marketing team right now in every company is an anathema to the existing set up of information to the Medical Profession. This Marketing Concept was evolved like other Colonial yokes to inform,illustrate and convey the new drugs and the availability in a particular town when Doctors did not have their congregation every where as it is today; little towns except the Capitals of the state and Medical Colleges these informations were hard to come by.
Now internet,couriers,Indian Medical Associations, in almost all the places , no human power is needed to do the same Marketing.
Then a question arises as to why this continues--it is nothing but corrupting the Medical Profession and majority of the Doctors fall a prey to this ploy since now a days , no company worth its name is sincere to the national identity and service , even if it is a fraction.
All the business schools sent out robots without heart and mind , and these robots, concept of life is make money by any means and enjoy by any means.
Societal concern is absolute zero, both in the Drug Companies and in the Medical Profession
Reason, any Doctor even he or she got the seat by merit had to spend huge amount by way of tuition fees.Government participation, better not said, Govts are interested to hand over the health care to the Insurance companies and Private and corporate giants. Cool....... get your commission from the companies....... so doctors also come from that society... make a hell a lot of money as quickly as possible.
These so called Marketing men , will take care of their holiday stay with their families, trips abroad, supply discounted medicines to either the Hospitals or individual Doctors or discount by the way of costly  compliments like car etc., if Dr preferred anything........that are not punchable in a keyboard.
Loot the country in any way possible, for we have robots from Business schools, do you know the reason....... only aping the west not any Indian mind set of compassion and love for fellow human beings.