Friday, 5 November 2010

Electronic City of Bangalore

Since I visit often to the Electronic City of Bangalore and my nephew is a software professional who lives nearby ,normally I go for walking inside the Electronic City.That is a energizing experience both for mind and body while watching youths working there bubbling with energy, watching of the younger generations achieving while making money is something great to the mind when everyday in and out we see scams,unscrupulous politicians,corrupt judiciary,corrupt defense personnel and all.

Electronic city is pollution free since the Industries of pollution are not there, except four wheelers, two wheelers and occasionally Autos hired by employees.Buses which pass through are limited since only those who neither use the company buses, cars, or two wheelers travel in that.We have direct buses, air-conditioned from Electronic City to the Airport.
Those who would like to take the fly over from the Electronic City can get a ticket and go into the city
without any disturbance and can travel around 10 K.M straight  to the city.
My walking is usually around two hours daily inside the Electronic City....Watching HCL, Infosys, Wipro, Infotech etc.,
Marvelous experience indeed both to mind and body, seeing only positive things in life.

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