Monday, 1 November 2010

Why we need a Marketing man for Pharma Companies

What is happening in Pharma Industry, especially why a Marketing team right now in every company is an anathema to the existing set up of information to the Medical Profession. This Marketing Concept was evolved like other Colonial yokes to inform,illustrate and convey the new drugs and the availability in a particular town when Doctors did not have their congregation every where as it is today; little towns except the Capitals of the state and Medical Colleges these informations were hard to come by.
Now internet,couriers,Indian Medical Associations, in almost all the places , no human power is needed to do the same Marketing.
Then a question arises as to why this continues--it is nothing but corrupting the Medical Profession and majority of the Doctors fall a prey to this ploy since now a days , no company worth its name is sincere to the national identity and service , even if it is a fraction.
All the business schools sent out robots without heart and mind , and these robots, concept of life is make money by any means and enjoy by any means.
Societal concern is absolute zero, both in the Drug Companies and in the Medical Profession
Reason, any Doctor even he or she got the seat by merit had to spend huge amount by way of tuition fees.Government participation, better not said, Govts are interested to hand over the health care to the Insurance companies and Private and corporate giants. Cool....... get your commission from the companies....... so doctors also come from that society... make a hell a lot of money as quickly as possible.
These so called Marketing men , will take care of their holiday stay with their families, trips abroad, supply discounted medicines to either the Hospitals or individual Doctors or discount by the way of costly  compliments like car etc., if Dr preferred anything........that are not punchable in a keyboard.
Loot the country in any way possible, for we have robots from Business schools, do you know the reason....... only aping the west not any Indian mind set of compassion and love for fellow human beings.

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