Thursday, 28 October 2010

Kanchi Sage/ Maha Periyaval /Miracle

Kanchi Sankaracharya,who has been affectionately called by all as 'Maha Periyaval ' of Kancheepuram Sankara Mutt, attained Maha Samadhi, and when he was in physical form on this earth, many miracles happened to thousands and thousands of his devotees and visitors and one such incident [miracle] is explained here below by a writer Saarukesi in 'Sakthi Vikatan' dt 22/10/10, a Tamil Magazine of Ananda vikadan Group of publications.

One Sivan , a resident of Thirunelveli, one of the towns of Tamil Nadu State of India,used to visit Kancheepuram regularly to have a Darshan of Kanchi Sankaraacharyaa, when he did so, he neither went near him or tried to talk to him; he would simply sit before him , sometimes days together and he felt happiness by seeing him. This Sivan was a puritan both physically and in his eating habits and always wearing the Saivite symbol of 'Vibhoothi' [holy ash] on his forehead, and anyone seeing him could perceive , he was a man of complete devotion by his looks and deeds.
Once after the Darshan , he neared the 'Maha Swami' as usual to take leave of him and which usually given by him by waving his hand showing blessing to Sivam.But on that particular day , Swami opened his sacred mouth and said
 ' started for journey? At least take a soda [aerated bottled water , popularly known as ' Goli Soda' ].On the way you can...'
Sivam started for his home town, came to Chengalpet and started for Thirunelveli. In the same bus, four boys were travelling making noise , troubling co-passengers.Sivam kept quiet and continued his journey.When the bus nearing Madurai on the way to Thirunelveli, stopped in a small village, where Sivam sitting in the bus , watched a small shop, keeping soda bottles arranged neatly in a row , and he remembered what Periaval said and besides he also felt like taking water, so got down and went to the shop to drink one Goli Soda.
On his coming back to the bus , to his seat, he was shocked to find his bag , which he usually carried and contained his meager belongings and money , missing. But the four boys shouted at him with out respect and said
 ' we have put your bag in one of the seats behind , go there, we want to travel sitting in that seat'

Sivam meekly went to the seat where his bag was kept and traveled. Immediately after exactly an hour the bus he was travelling met with an accident, and the two boys who were travelling in his previous seat died on the spot.
Sivam got shocked and dazed, started thinking , why Periyaval asked him to take Goli soda, which was unusual, why the bus stopped there , and why he saw the shop and the goli soda, and why he felt like drinking a soda.......... and all.
When the gentleman who narrated this incident to the original writer, met Mahaperiyaval and told him as to how Sivam escaped from the accident.Mahaperiyaval said
 ' Oh Sivam thought I saved him, the great Lord saved him'

Such is the divine humility of Great Mahaperiyaval.

My thanks to the writer of the original article Sri.Saarukesi,and 'Sakthi Vikatan,Tamil Magazine dt 22/10/10

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