Sunday, 24 October 2010

Beware of Dogs

Yesterday was the Birthday of my nephew and so we had programs of visiting Temples,Orphanage and to see the work progress in the construction site and the place we reside right now is one of the big cities of Tamil Nadu, rather the Industrial city of Tamil Nadu where lot of employment opportunities for both skilled , unskilled and semiskilled personnel.
Morning after visiting the orphanages and a few temples we went to see the progress of work in the construction site of the house right now under construction.
After seeing the work progress, since the car was taken reverse from the street we were seeing the nearby houses and and one board was unique in the sense that board contains instructions in English and Malayalam as follows:
Beware of Dogs,

Normally in Tamil Nadu you see such boards in English and Tamil only and my sister asked me as to why this house owner , may be a Malayalee, thousands and thousands of Malayalee families live here in this town since it offers jobs unlike Kerala where only thriving industry is Politics, keeping the board in malayalam instead of in Tamil since many a man or woman cross the road or passing by the house would either be in general a Tamil .

I said 'May be this Malayalee owner has some anger towards Kerala and he shows like this'

'Why? ' my sister asked.

' He feels that his state despite being a highly literate state, not providing opportunities and people suffer. This stupid Govt does make a record of those who read and write Malayalam as the literate, not knowing any other language.So his way of showing an attack on Govt of Kerala through the board'

My sister laughed it away and became normal pitying the fellow malayalees who have to go other states to earn a living despite being a highly literate state.

Somehow a board brought the feeling of Malayalees in general about the backwardness of industrialization of the state and the corrupt politicians who cheat the malayalees.I empathize with Malayalee boys and men and ladies too who go around the world to make money at the cost of the separation of their families and sometimes at the cost of their own lives.Fully qualified professionals going abroad and other places of India is different from eking out a living for the almost nil opportunities in kerala.

Here I am with my nephew on his Birthday.

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