Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bhagwan is our protector / Sathya Sai Baba.

The following is the translation of an article written by Kavinjar Ponmani on the experiences of Sai devotees , and in the referred article she writes on one devotee's experiences , Smt. Rama Krishnamoorthy, which appeared in one of the Tamil weeklies ' Sakthi Vikatan' .I hope as usual Sai Devotees relish reading the following, if any mistakes found in the brief, that is entirely mine, not the fault of the original article by the author.
The following is written in the first person as described by Smt. Rama Krishnamoorthy.

This has happened after the prayers of the 85th Birthday celebrations of Sai Baba, my son [ Smt.Rama Krishnamoorthy's son] Audithya went to participate the Birth day celebrations of Baba to be held in one of the Sai Devotees house called Rangan. Since the celeabrations were of prayers Bhajans and Narayana seva [ feeding the poor] they said they would take the lunch there in the celebrations , and I thought of taking two dosas for the afternoon since suffering from knee pain,I did not close the front door of my house so that if any visitor comes I need not go out to open the gate so that I sit facing the front gate.\

One unknown lady around 11 o'clock came into the house opening the door; she was fair complexioned , wearing green silk saree and blouse, pottu [ vermilion mark ] on forehead, Jasmine flowers strewn around the hair, glass bangles, chain of black beads around the neck, 'metti' [ a silver ring worn on the toe usually worn by Hindu ladies after marriage ] anklet on her legs, with divine grace on her face. She was carrying a paper plate covered , came in , moved the papers on the teapoy and placed the plate on it.

I kept on asking  ' where are you coming from?' to that lady, she did not answer my question,she simply went to the pooja room , she joined her palms in the Hindu prayer posture in front of the Perumal, our family deity.

I asked again ' from which sai samithi  [ sai prayer center ] you bring this?' She came back from Pooja Room and said in Telugu language ' Swami ichinthi theeskondi ' [ swami gave this , take this]

' Meeke ichinthim , meerae theesukondi, biddulukku othu' [ only for you not for the kids ]

Having said this , she went outside and followed immediately to the threshold and found, she vanished , no where to be seen, I was surprised...........
Is this my imagination....
I called the Sai Samidhi, as to whether did they send anyone with ' Prasad' . They said 'no'. I came back and had seen 15 different kinds of dishes in the plate. I relished the food and my kids were surprised to know this on their coming back.

Same night , when I slept Swami came in my dream and said ' this kids took food , did you like the food ?'
I said ' yes Swami I am happy , I did like the food.'