Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ananda Vikatan's [Tamil Weekly ] Magnanimity and Etiquette

Normally I don't read weeklies of Tamil, long back I stopped reading this kind of weeklies,and I don't think it is worth a try any longer; no longer interested to half clad actresses and actors and all reading all useless wastes flying high owing to high tech ads.
Recently I happen to read a piece in their magazine , Sakthi Vikatan, [ these kind of magazines my sister buys and reads still,although some good also she buys ] one article about Kanchi Acharya, the one who attained Mahasamadhi, and wanted to write a letter of appreciation to the author of that brief and sent an email to that magazine, requesting them to send the email of the writer of that article , meanwhile I also translated that piece into English and published.
I never got a reply , that too not for the address or anything of the author, but an email id to send a token of appreciation to him.What a man like me could influence or anything to gain from either the author or  from Ananda Vikatan. Besides, who wants to write for this tissue paper depicting good for nothing messages and write-up, in which no longer any great writers give anything to be published. Sheer ignoramuses and morons who think they deserve what they are.
How commercialized this mags who even block those who would like to send an appreciative letter.
Many an English Magazine and News Paper give the columnists' email id at the bottom of the article, thereby helping those readers who would like to send their opinions to the authors, then why the hell these Tamils block the readers to contact the writers.
Useless indeed reading this magazine whose stupendous heights reached by its ancestors have been lost by this magazine.
Those who would like to ogle at the actresses whose snaps are with little pieces of attire barely covering the vulnerable parts of anatomy can pursue reading them.
I think worst punishments Tamil get is reading this kind of magazines.
Oh how smart and intellects these guys who manage these weeklies.Pity the people who are forced by circumstances to read such 'finest' [?]magazines.

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