Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mulayam Singh Yadav's audacity

 Mulayam Singh Yadav suggested on Tuesday that Parliament would be full of the sort of women who attract catcalls and whistles if the Women’s Reservation Bil was passed.
By the kind of statement he made he put his foot in his mouth , one derivative explanation being the kind of respect he has for the Indian womanhood and the way he looks at women despite his being a leader [?] and second his opinion about the male counterparts in Parliament irrespective of the party one belongs to .
Should we, as Indians , allow this sort of leaders to decide the future course of Democracy in this great country despite all the irregularities , nepotism, corruption etc ?
Where are we leading to with this kind of leaders, who even either pass or amend our laws and our future in this country?
Do they need the kind of limelight they get in the media of our times, if so we have to doubt the integrity of the media , and no big media worth its name questioned the wisdom [sic] behind such statement made in so a callous and unparliamentary language befitting a rustic who does not give a damn to the niceties of human existence on this earth. Except some news papers no one seems to take on the audacity of such statement made in the august house of Parliament, although some opposition parties did their duty in condemning the same.
My anguish is, the whole of parliament may  unanimously condemn and pass a resolution throwing him out at least as a suspension from parliament for some time, showing the esteem of womanhood our country boasts of , from time immemorial .
Do you share my anguish and heart burn on this issue?

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