Monday, 7 November 2011

Konerirajapuram / Near Kumabakonam of Tamil Nadu /India / Lord Nataraja Statue.

In the temple of Konerirajapuram there is a statue of Lord Nataraja, one of the trinity of Hindu Gods, whose statue is of five metals called Panchaloga in Hindu tradition , which is unique in the sense for the following reasons and the information we get while researching the topic.

As per the very own words of 'Appar' , one of the Tamil Saints who says, only who have poorva janma punya  ( benefits in the previous births only) will be able to visit this temple. This place is no less than the Kailasam itself. Here we see a 'suyambu nataraja of 8 feet with parvathi'. The temple was originally called thirunallam as the place got submerged into the grounds, Lady Sembiam Mahadevi (Grand mother of Raja Raja Cholan) renovated and established this as grand  stone temple. The legend says that while the King wanted to make out huge Nataraja Statue, despite all efforts of the sthapathi  (sculptor ), he could not make one beyond 3 feet; when the deadline date was given by king to do this job, the worried sthapathi prayed to Lord and Lord shiva and parvathi came in front in manushya roopa ( human forms)  and asked for little water; out of his frustration caused by the king, the sthapathi told them to drink the liquid he kept ready to make the natraraj statue (impon - pancha loka liquid) and then, Lord and parvathi drank the same and the very moment became a beautiful Nataraja & Parvathi statue of 8 feet. The King disbeliving it, tried his sword  on the staute and witnessed the bleeding; the same time, he got affected with Kushta roga (white patches ) ; Having done a mistake, he prayed to Lord and as per the celestial order, did poojas for the "Lord Vaidyanatha swami" the suyambu linga and got cured of his illness.

This is the only temple where one can see 'swayambu nataraja of impon statue' .... the marks of king's stroke, a mole and skin colour patch in one of the hands of Lord Nataraja and the GREAT smile on Lord Parvathi's face are just remarkable and no word can describe the real beauty of the same.

Besides in the arm pits of Lord Nataraja people witnessing the growth of dark hair depending on the waxing and waning of the moon , increases the growth and goes down respectively.
This temple had been constructed by the grand mother of King Rajaraja of Thanjavur.
The temple priest is quite interesting personality explaining in detail about the temple and history surrounding the temple.

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