Thursday, 6 October 2011

Does IITs standard fall as said by Narayana Moorthy.

Few days we have seen the verbal dual between two people, one Chetan Bhagath, another one who made money Narayana Moorthy; first started on the standard of IITs by Naryana Moorthy, latter reply by Chetan saying , even the body shop Infosys made money by the hard work of IITians, no doubt , yes .. that only brought him now to the center stage of making comments on IITs which is the domain of academics to worry about, not Naryana Moorthy who knows what his body shop needs, where as the IITs produce not only for body shops but for various demands of the industry through out the world.
And to say the falling standards of IITs is childish not child like . These youngsters prove in every walk of life , not only in IT industry, and even NASA did not comment on the standards of IIT products, then what made this Infosys man to have made such comments, reason is simple when one's success goes to his head this happens despite the posture one maintains as though simple ; this kind of acting is nothing but the ego blurting out incognito despite the mask one puts on showing the world as though simple, my God how simpletons live and become role models.
When a graduate of English literature or Journalism comes out of the University , he is not coming out only to serve the BPO or talk to some foreigner over phone , by changing his or her name according to the convenience of customer overseas.
And if a BPO CEO says that University is not producing English litt students up to expectation of the industry is simply ludicrous, then what gives them the temerity to say that is the accolades and encomiums paid to them day and day out in various fora , that go into the them making them super human beings in their thinking, and so they feel they can comment on anything and will be digested and assimilated if given in a centralized AC halls.
Just imagine the same statement given in open ....... what would be the consequences.The media is to blame to certain extent for blowing anything out of proportion as though a Nobel Laureate made a statement on his own domain.
The same man made a statement on our National Anthem once when foreigners assembled in a venue........ and we know the consequences....... Now a days no one thinks and talks , just pour out as though intellectual wizards.
My God ..... humans are humans............ homo spaiens..........

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