Friday, 2 September 2011

Sai Baba in my dream.......... a pleasant experience.

Early morning while sleeping I had a dream, Bhagwan Parthy Bala came and with another old man, but Baba looks like He was in His 50's and as usual Bright like Sun, effulgent and in pure white attire, I was standing among the crowd and felt happy to have been able to see a few feets away. He was looking around and looked at me signalled  me to come near... I obliged and went near to him and stood a few feet away, Swami said ' Come near ' in Telugu.
Asked me to sit down very near to Him , but I refused saying, Baba if I sit near you , those in the distance can not see your physical body, so I would sit from a distance.
Swami said ' No no Come near and sit near to me'
Then went near and sat beside his Chair on the floor.
Swami asked me how many languages I know , for I said few, but fluent in two languages ..... only English and Tamil.
Other few things also He was talking , but whole conversation with Swami was in Telugu.
Then he created Vibhuthi, and applied on my forehead and around my eyes and chin and blessed me.
When immediately I got up time was around morning 2.30 then washed my face and went to sleep before I got up around 5.30 to start for morning walk .
While walking I was thinking about this dream........... very plesant indeed this dream and unforgettable.
Sai Ram.

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