Sunday, 26 June 2011

Arvind Adiga / Writer /Journalist / Novelist

Arvind Adiga - who won ' Man Booker Prize ' in 2008 for his novel 'White Tiger ' now again with a  bang came out with his novel ' Last man in Tower ' , plot of which revolves around Mumbai city , which has been a fascination for the Author in his life for its varied hues and happenings.

Adiga, whose mother wanted him to be an academic in Chennai, studied English literature, in New York,Oxford,and admitted for Ph.D in Princeton, had to part ways to become a journalist, writing for Times then changed course to become a Novelist , who feels writing is his Karma.

He stated in one of his interviews that ' The Guide ' by R.K.Narayan is still the great Indian Novel in English by Indian writer and says R.K.Narayan's writing is lucid and profound.

He further says, Ramachandra Guha about whom already I published in my blog ,is the one who writes good prose feels happy about him .

When I first bought White Tiger and having read it by one sweep I could not find any significance of why it has been a prize, but subsequently while ruminating on the book , I could feel and find the answer why .

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