Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Do English know their English? / Information Technology

Yes they do certainly as far as their convenience allows them to be..When looting comes language takes a back seat conveniently. In a company , a subsidiary of a U.K based bank having branches through out the world ,which have a BPO, out sourcing, software company employing people , whose Ad is invariably given in the telecast of every Cricket match, or one of the sponsors of the national english channels

They are known for their low salary in software company and BPO, although boys and girls join there to have a start in their career. They take people not directly but through employment agencies and keep them for one or more years on consolidated salary ,then make them or give them a letter of appointment , and before which a formal letter of resignation sent from you to the agency which kept you so far in their pay role.So exploitation already for one year or more without lunch ticket, transportation or anything but have to go their software company with their dress code except fridays.

To this company their U.K Earls and other Dignitaries visit as if so much concerned about the company or their employees , welcomed with garlands and big Ads will be given.Bosses .......... right?

Somehow by manipulation of the so called rating given every year by the BPO and Software divisions either your increment or bonus or other facilities would be curtailed .This is like one year you are given a rating , making you believe that you are in the lime light and on the onward path of the administrative hierarchy, next year rating is given in such a way where you are kept on your toes with the feeling that if it continues you are about to say bye bye to the company, meaning you have to put down your papers in the name of resignations.

So already a bonded labor has been manacled , if by chance you get an opportunity since other people gather opinion of your working efficiency and intelligence, and try to join , this gentle man company will accept your mail as your resignation but while giving the relieving letter , you will find to your dismay and shock that your services has been terminated instead of relieved , pretty well knowing that you will have the trouble in the new company as if you have done something wrong with this Englishmen company.

If you ask, this is the truth of many an young man or woman who left the company for better prospects.So their mind set is, still they feel we Indians as second class citizens deserved to be exploited.This is not to suggest immediately all the political parties go to all the IT companies with multi-colored flags and try to get a ransom in the name of safeguarding the IT workers.
At least , companies can self regulate the ethics expected of basic human beings, thereby not sucking the blood and future of the workers like vampires uncontrolled.

The problem is none of the other companies who select these boys and girls from this company realize still, why termination letter given with ulterior motive ,why not relieving the personnel.This ignorance of other selecting companies is the substratum on which this devilish Egnlishmen company thrives merrily sapping the working youngster of this country.

We Indian don't know English, that is the problem.

They know their English well , only poor Indians we don't.

Termination of the services is the word synonymous to relieving from services.Now Good Dictionaries can emulate their British English.

Long live this U.K based bank operating in India and making good profits through BPO, Software by draining the blood and sweat of young Indians.

God must be an Englishman.

Let the God be an Englishman , but Please readers and those access this brief, spread the message to other IT companies so our boys and girls just because born in India need not be exploited.

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