Thursday, 31 December 2009

Complexion of the skin by Writer Jeyamohan

Tamil Writer Sri.Jeyamohan in his website wrote yesterday about the skin complexion and its impact on the general public, in particular the teaching profession; he is much concerned about the unbalanced mind set of the teachers with regard to the students' complexion and the treatment meted out to the students from the teacher. One such incident he has been able to collect from his daughter , mentioning the teacher passing comments on the fellow students who are dark in complexion; one student who is dark in the class who when told the teacher she was not able to write on the paper since ink in her pen dried and over , for the teacher asked her to touch her skin and write- so audacious a statement, that too from a teacher to a student without thinking as to how much the girl concerned would be affected in her mind in her development period.

So disturbing in our minds it is that even a girl child not being able to be friendly to many since many students who are fair-complexioned don't even have friendship with dark skinned ones.And the fair skinned get many friends.This is brought out in his writing owing to another incident - his daughter asked for money to buy a birthday present to the fellow student and a friend also, for normally ten or twenty rupees , when joined together by other friends, would become 100 or 150 and present is brought and given.Here his daughter asked him 50 and the reason given by her is , her friend does not have many friends since she is dark skinned and she is the only friend and hence 50 rupees , for the author gave her 100 Rs and started interacting with his daughter.

He came to know this colour complex being inducted into the minds of the young students by none other than the teaching profession and that is the most pathetic aspect. How come this teaching generation came down from the acme of restraint, intelligence , sanity and sacrifice.

May be this profession of teaching has come to the low ebb owing to the fact that in those days teachers became teachers due to the liking towards this profession; now they become teachers for their survival.

What else you can expect from these people?

Is there anything we can do as responsible citizens and parents?
Those who would like to read it in tamil , pl do so by visiting his website

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