Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sea and its communion with me

I was born in Pondicherry and I don't know when I first saw the sea in my place, may be I might have been taken to the sea shore when I was hardly a few months old , so sea knows me before I started knowing about the sea.The sounds brought out by the waves might have gone into my impressionable mind before I became conscious of it.
What sort of information and impressions it created in my mind is still unfolding before me .
When I started growing up physically and my itinerary took me to various sea shores and every time I never spent time along with anyone in the sea shore , may be sometimes with some friends, who when years rolled by went in their own ways.But still I meet sea every time I go to the sea shore.
Once I was working as an executive and living in my own big flat all by myself and whenever I found time I used to go alone to the sea and tried to concentrate further with my companion sea.
How vast and how magnanimous the sea is....... how immeasurable .... how immense.
Despite my scientific up bringing, and my education in Science it always fascinated me ..... its gloom,its secrets.......... but never I was surprised by its wealth.
During my education tour in college , I had the opportunity of going to an uninhabited island in a motor boat along with my fellow students and my professor was explaining the flora and fauna of the particular island, but although receiving the knowledge from my professor, my mind was with the sea all around.
Uncountable hours I might have spent standing in the shore when the waves touching my feet, impressing me the reality of something unknown always watching over our every act , even by touching us although we are not able to perceive the same.......................
Many a time I took a conch in my palm and started listening the reverberating sound emanating from it , so mysterious it is but soothing.Younger days when going to school we were collecting shells from the sand bed ,keeping in our trouser pockets.
Now I remember how many emptied homes we were carrying in our pockets, in what forms vacated creatures would have been born again ........ would they remember me for my carrying their homes in my pocket? Funny indeed...but something inexplicable .... right?
Many my fore fathers would have stood like me before the sea and the sea knows them all, whom I have not seen in my life.Does the sea anyway act as a conduit to connect me with my forefathers , is it possible or no one is needed to have a communion with them.But anyway i have a communion with the sea which had seen all who passed away before me and seeing me ....... omnipresent right? Good indeed is the feeling to know there is someone who has seen all my forefathers and still seeing me , ever lasting link till eternity.
Another unique aspect I regain now is ,when I was a boy around 6 or 7 I used to stand in the shore when waves came ,touched your feet and receded but when i watched as if I was moving backwards , and the sands beneath your feet going fast along the waves.May be when I became older I came to know it was an illusion when you look alone your feet and the waves coming and receding .

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