Saturday, 30 January 2010

Cost of a smile - story

Cost of a smile – story.
When I went for a walk last evening I was reminded by my niece to buy some guavas; I said I would buy on my way back home.
Since I am living near Ragavendra Kalyana Mandapam in Rangarajapuram Main Road, I started walking and reached Arcot Road, after crossing all the big fruit stalls and on turning left I had seen four vendors, standing near their four wheeler push carts selling various eatables, one selling plantains,other selling roasted corns,and another selling guavas and fruits.
Showing honour to the seller of fruits I did not bargain and even asked him to select the fruits for me and gave him the money he asked for ,and standing for the one rupee back from him.
Vendor said ‘ a bit more than the half kg sir’ with a broad smile.
‘okay’ I said.
I walked back thinking, why people don’t patronise these small vendors like him and instead of big stalls selling fruits and vegetables with glaring lights and shining boards.All snobs. Everyone must help the fellow human beings in a humane way possible. People should stop and think before do anything…………….. in the same line of thought ……… walking.
Roads are busy with traffic and vehicles run with ferocity……. vehicles or the people who drive these machines, why this auto fellow is so closely coming when he has enough space to drive away from me. Policemen as usaual very busy in vehicle-check, trying to find out the adolescent teanagers among the two wheeler crowd, so that they could have the ‘collection’ from the young drivers for not having license.The aroma of 'vadai' and 'bajji' hot from the boiling oil taken out afresh,tingling the taste buds……….but controlled myself ……. my Doctor repeatedly warned me of anything fried in oil ……..cholesterol.Why I am warned of cholesterol despite being a vegetarian, when my maternal grandfather was a non-vegetarian and lived happily till he was 90 yrs, and he was taking 'nonveg' food all along and a good smoker of cigar.What medical science sirs,one is having cholestrol another is a diabetic and another hypertensive……Have we all swerved from the path of 'Dharma' for long and so these kind of impediments and health problems.
I was nearing my home .
I handed over the carry bag with guavas to my niece.
After having a look at the contents of the bag she shot back saying ‘where from you bought this’
‘From a road side vendor’
‘ Go give back this stuff and get back the money ‘
‘But why’
‘Not even one is in eatable condition……. you got cheated’
I took the bag and went to the one of the big shops with flashy name boards,throwing the bag into the corporation dustbin ……… I dont want to see that fellow again.
The bloody cost of his smile is very costly,my God.
The lady who brings fruits in my native little town carrying in a basket on her head gives best fruits when i ask her to select herself, although we bargain for long for fixing the price.She never cheats the way this slimy creature standing and selling in city roads.The little town fellows are honourable gentlemen.
A villager like me never fits in this atmosphere of cheat and get cheated.
After my brief stay here I am going back to my little town , where people smile and greet calling ‘annaa’ [elder brother ] although man addressing me older than me.Honourable gentlemen.
City’s smile is very costly sir…….. unaffordable for a villager like me.
After a week’s time I am going back to my little town sir,since the money I spent on the cheat could have been used for a week on a news paper like "The Times of India’ , that I can't buy in my little town.

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