Sunday, 17 January 2010

Jyothi Basu ,a gentleman!!!!!!!!!!!

Indian tradition is to talk only good about one who passes away, that too, he or she happens to be a leader of sort to any community,caste,religion and most importantly a political party.
So for almost a week everyone would talk very highly of the departed leader Sri.Jyothi Basu and we have to bow our head like sacrificial goat listening all the harangue , that too when told by Left leaders .
This man is oldest till today morning as leader in Indian Politics and he had been the Chief Minister of Bengal almost 25 years and before that Deputy Chief Minister who systematically in the name of ideology battered Bengal and thank him for having closed the mills,shuttered factories ,rendered average bangali family as a family of jobless people.Bengali people is one of the most intelligent people of India who despite the intelligence could not live in Bengal ,all left for other states and abroad for want of livelihood.
This gentleman I hope is the richest comrade in their party who would fly to London for taking rest since his son lives there and son is known to have cheated the Tax departments and so his father could have taken rest in London and poor bengalis can read the news papers , hoping one day a change will come to their life which is not to be ,reason,no opposition party can win in Bengal since Government is an extension of the party cadre.
Soft spoken gentlemen of Bengal could not do anything despite their intelligence owing this honorable gentleman who rendered Bengal as good for nothing state in India.
We all know what happened to Congress at the center during the last term, thank God , now Congress need not have the support of the left , so they can do as per their planning, otherwise very systematically the Jyothi basu culture would have spread to other parts of India and we would be building a Somalia with books ofRed ink in our hands and reading that we all can die peacefully ,singing requiem also with our fisted hands.
Only state that has been competing with Bengal is Kerala and so keralites are known for going every where for jobs and now living throughout the world.
Even for ordinary collegiate degree in arts and science boys and girls are sent to neighboring States like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.You know why, running a college is so difficult in Kerala,neither Govt opens new colleges nor allows any one to run a college saying it is like business.These govts never know or wanting to know the reality that in the globalised atmosphere, education is paid for, no longer free anywhere in the world.So an ordinary Malayalee family ,even if they want to spend something more for their children's education ,this govt is a stumbling block.But rich Malayalees fly anywhere in the world for studies in universities, sufferers being middle and poor Malayalees.So obvious result they can still talk communism driving a wedge between haves and have nots and making have nots more poorer and less educated so ,these poor people go and work in menial jobs in the middle east and send money home.Shamelessly this so called politicians shout from the roof tops that Kerala gets foreign cash flow, for how much the poor malayalee sheds his sweat,blood and energy ,leaving behind his family in this ruthless state.
Only industry which runs profitably in both the states of Kerala and Bengal is POLITICS .And only comfortable people are politicians in both the states.
Ghero as a word gained Oxford Dictionary's recognition owing to this gentleman's politics.All Indians are equal in India except Bengalis and Keralities - thank the politicians of the so called ideology in both the states.Only option if at all either a malayalee or bengali wants to prove his or her mettle ,they have to migrate anywhere except their home states.I have Malayalee friends who were born and brought up in Tamil Nadu  excelled in whatever the field they selected , thanks to the great ideology of the respective govts.

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