Thursday, 14 January 2010

Poet Devadevan's Poem / Your Sun

Poet Devadevan is one of the poets , one of the Tamil poems is published by Writer Jeyamohan in his website and the translation is given below.Those who would like to read the original tamil poem can visit the website at the end of this page

Your sun

What gives you the Happiness
Is your sun.
For example
A food packet
A papaya fruit
A friend's face
A tumbler of water
A mirror
Poems not packed in paper
Likewise we can keep on
If a packet of food
does not give the instant
If a papaya does not make
a pleasant day,
A friend's face
does not light up your face,
A tumbler of water
does not satiate the thirsty,
If you could not smile before
A mirror,
If your life is not visible like poems
Unpacked in a paper,
Where ever you are
that place " A sunset zone"

Tamil poem of Devadevan can be accessed at the following site of Writer Jeyamohan

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